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A Comprehensive Strategy

We are an advertising consultant agency reaching a unique niche market.

The homeschooling community is close-knit and highly brand loyal. In a culture where word of mouth carries significantly more weight than traditional advertising, it can be a challenge to know how to reach homeschoolers.  The best way to engage with the homeschool community is through an already trusted source. Your choice to partner with Home Educating Family provides you an automatic connection to that community.

Our Homeschool Reach

Continuing to Grow Year After Year

Email List

We leverage high interest lead magnets with programmatic, social media, and Google ad campaigns to continually grow brand awareness and our email list.

Programmatic Ads

Using advanced AI and machine learning, we reach homeschoolers whenever they are connected: apps, streaming music or shows, websites, and more.

Direct Mail

Staying in front of homeschoolers isn't just about digital media. We deliver physical media year round through product purchases and direct mailers.

Top 10 Homeschool Marketing Practices

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Homeschooling has not only grown in popularity in recent years, it has also changed. The needs of today’s homeschoolers are not the same as they were even five years ago, much less ten years ago. But, since our founding in 2007, we have stayed ahead of the curve, meeting the needs of today’s homeschool family while anticipating and preparing for the different needs of tomorrow. This is why we offers a wide range of advertising options for companies to market through programmatic, email, and direct mail options.


Reach an engaged homeschool audience with your dedicated email message.


Maximize your marketing efforts using the Track, Target, and Convert system.


You can reach a target within a niche using our comprehensive high school strategy.

Print, Mailing,
And Inserts

Get your message directly in the hands of a homeschool parent with our direct mail services. 

Credit Card

Save on your credit card processing while earning homeschool advertising credit on the DSP!

Website Available February 2024


Take advantage of our list building strategies at a fraction of the cost!

Marketing Packages

Advertising Specials

Want to save on homeschool marketing? Be sure to check out our bundle specials. By combining products, you can save up to 50% plus take advantage of unique bonuses only available with our specials. 

Custom Tailored Packages

Let us help you create a marketing strategy with a step-by-step plan of action along with package savings. To learn more, reach out to our marketing department at 716.867.6600 or via the email link below.

Complete Marketing Team

Do you need the assistance of a full marketing team? We’ve got you covered. From strategy and design to implementation and monitoring, our marketing team will assist you in reaching the homeschool audience.

Get Marketing Advice!

Do you need help understanding the homeschool market? Perhaps you want help strategizing your marketing plans or need more information on the new technologies available in programmatic ads. Whatever the case is, we are here to help.
Join us each week for a Homeschool Marketing Meeting to ask your questions, hear what others are doing, and keep up with the latest technology. 


To Homeschool Families

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User Friendly Website

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Customer Sharing & Engagement

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2022 Homeschool Survey


Access a survey of over 30,000 homeschool families who purchased curriculum and teacher resources for the 2022-2023 school year.


Here’s a sneak peek at what you can learn in our most recent survey.


This surprising elementary grade level is taught in 29% of all homeschooling families!


Discover the greatest change in homeschool demographics over the past 20 years.


Learn which type of curriculum wins the hearts of homeschoolers year after year.


Not as stuck in the mud as we might think, homeschoolers are often looking for better options.

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