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What is it about homeschoolers? Why is there so much buzz surrounding this particular segment of the high school student population? Could it be because homeschooled students’ GPAs are generally higher than those of their public-schooled peers? Or that their SAT and ACT scores are usually higher, as well?

Colleges and universities across the nation recognize the fact that there’s something special about homeschoolers. In fact, many have created dedicated homeschool admissions departments specifically geared towards recruiting these above average students.

As the number of homeschooling families continues to increase rapidly across the United States, many in higher education have begun to target this group as an emerging market to include in their recruitment plans.

We work actively to reach out to homeschooled high schoolers, providing several ways your college or university can reach the homeschool market.

Connecting With Homeschool Families

Homeschoolers are a unique breed. They are absolutely dedicated to education, shuffling just about everything else in their lives around to make it possible to teach their own children at home. Their passion for this lifestyle forms the natural basis for this close-knit community. Anyone who supports them in their homeschooling efforts is seen as a trusted friend. And word spreads quickly in this community, as homeschooling moms share their valuable finds with each other. 

By advertising your college or university with Home Educating Family, you become a member of the homeschooling community. Our audience will take your message seriously and will share it with their own homeschooling friends and family, who will in turn share it with theirs. There is simply no better way to tap into this market of motivated, high-achieving students and their passionate parents than by advertising with Home Educating Family.

College Marketing Package

We offer a complete, comprehensive, one-year advertising package that incorporates digital and print media.

Well Planned
High School

Launching April 2024
Our Well Planned Gal brand has been supporting homeschool families with high schoolers for over 15 years. In 2024, we are expanding our brands with our new Well Planned High School website.
With a distinct high school focus, the new Well Planned website will assist parents as they walk their student through the four-year journey. Available resources will include products, articles, college listings, and more.
Included in the College Marketing Package
College Listing
For one year, we create, maintain, and market your listing on Well Planned High School. Simply meet with one of our high school specialists, and they will work with you to create your listing.
Monthly E-Blasts
Each month, we send dedicated eblasts package to our homeschool families with high schoolers. You will receive a banner ad linked to your listing on Well Planned High School. 
Direct Mailers
The leads we nurture on Well Planned High Schooler receive a postcard in the mail twice a year, with information about your college. We print and mail your double sided, full-color postcard to 1,000 families.

A Comprehensive Package Perk

Utilizing DSP To Retarget
We retarget your college listing visitors through Well Planned Advertiser Demand Side Platform (DSP).
When we create your listing, we also pixel your listing in Home Educating Family’s DSP platform. This pixel will track all visitors, and we will retarget them using programmatic ads. 
Programmatic ads are display, audio, and video ads seen on websites, apps, streaming TV, and more. We increase your college brand awareness through daily retargeting.
Programmatic Ad Advantage
Track and Retarget
We pixel your listing on Well Planned High Schooler and retarget visitors with your display, audio, and video ads.
Full Ad Creation
We create over 20 different HTML interactive display ad sizes and 3 native ads to drive traffic to your listing.
With programmatic ads, we can narrow your targeted focus through advanced geofencing technology. 



When you choose to market your college or university with us, we create a comprehensive strategy that fits your vision and goal. We will consult with you and then begin developing the message, content, and marketing assets. We create your listing, take care of the technical side of tracking, and then give you access to view reporting!


Monthly payment options available
Save 15% when you pay for a year in full

Package Bonuses

When you purchase the College Marketing Package, you gain access to discounted add-ons!
Dedicated Eblasts
Gain additional brand awareness when you send a dedicated eblast or eblast package to our entire list of over 100k homeschool families. 
Additional DSP Ads
Let us help you expand your programmatic ad reach using Well Planned Advertiser. With additional audience segmentation and geotargeting, your ad dollars can go far.
Inbox Services
Insert your marketing material into all orders containing high school related products and placed on any of Home Educating Family’s brands. 


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