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Home Educating Family

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    What began nearly two decade ago with a homeschool magazine has become an array of brands with specialized products and services for the homeschool family. Each year, nearly half of all homeschool families interact with Home Educating Family brands to learn, exchange, and purchase for their school year.

    They participate in buying and selling at the Homeschool Used Book marketplace, learn how to transition into a homeschool teacher at Explore Homeschooling, and stay on track with Well Planned Gal organizational tools or through mail, podcasts, articles and downloadables. Homeschool moms also receive encouragement and resources to teach at Homeschool Family Journey.

    As a homeschool graduate and homeschooling mom of five, Rebecca founded Home Educating Family with a goal to provide the services and resources that fit the educational choices of the modern day homeschool family.

    Always innovating, Home Educating Family has projects in the works for years to come. In 2021, due to its growth, popularity, and demand, Family: A Living Education Magazine will be getting its own website on Homeschool Family Journey.

    Homeschool Family Journey

    Published quarterly since 2007, Family: A Living Education Magazine brings education to life and inspires a love of learning and teaching. A unit study accompanies each issue of the magazine, helping homeschool moms incorporate hands-on learning into their children's education.

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    Well Planned Gal

    Learn to lesson plan, schedule your days, create a routine and more at Well Planned Gal! Start with taking a planner personality quiz, then download the free S.P.O.T. planning system, then enjoy a shopping experience of beautiful planners and accessories.

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    Homeschool Used Book

    Buy and sell homeschool curriculum, living books and resources. This one-of-a-kind marketplace helps boost homeschool budgets while also saving money on purchases!

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    Explore Homeschooling

    If you're considering the transition of traditional school to home education or perhaps you're starting out in the homeschool world, Explore Homeschooling has everything you need to learn the ins and outs of successfully educating your children.

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