Our email marketing options give you measurable, direct response. Be the sole advertiser in a dedicated eblast, expand your reach with retargeting open, and clicks with our eblast packages, or best yet, quickly grow your email list with peace of mind with an email list purchase. 


Reach over 100k homeschool families with your message.


Reach and retarget with our multi-send email package

E-Mail List

Grow your email list quickly while saving time and money!

Dedicated Eblast

As the first in homeschooling to utilize the trend of email marketing, we have grown and maintained the largest list in home education. With an average 18-23% open rate, you can instantly engage more than 100,000 families with promotions, brand awareness, or new product announcements.
A single dedicated eblast send is deployed with your custom HTML content. You choose the subject line, the length of the email, the content, and the day to deploy. 


Discounts available with the purchase of multiple emails.
Learn how to create an HTML Email
It can seem a little overwhelming to create an email within the html language. However, it’s really much more simple than you might think. Here are a few easy steps…
Track, Target, & Convert
When you combine email marketing efforts with programmatic ads, you can easily track your new leads and begin to retarget them online with audio, video, or display ads.
Interactive HTML Creator
Are you ready to create the ideal email for connecting with your subscribers? By using the Eblast Builder you can confidently create an email that will engage well.

Eblast Package

Maximize Reach & Conversions
Eblast packages are a strategic step to maximize impressions and conversions through multiple email sends. 
Three emails are deployed over the course of 7-10 days. With additional sends to unopens, you maximize your impression rate. Finally, you get to follow up with a third email with the same or a new message.


Initial Send
Average Open Rate: 18% – 23%
Your first email send will deploy to the 100k+ homeschool families.
Resend to Unopens
Average Open Rate: 6% – 10%
Within the next 3-5 days, we resend your email to any of the families who did not open the initial email. 
Send to Opens
Average Open Rate: 72% – 83%
Within 7-10 days from your intial send, we send a third email to all homeschoolers who opened your first two emails. 

Email List Purchase


It takes time and a hefty budget to grow a homeschool email list through conventional means. Using Google search ads or social media ads, the average lead costs between $4-$7. Save time, money and peace of mind when you purchase a qualified lead list with us!

$.65 - $1.25 per email

Quick & Effective Growth
Even with the most aggressive budget, it could take over a year to build a sizable email list. With a list purchase, you can begin sending emails frequently to tens of thousands of families.
Target Demographics
Looking for a specific target like a family with high school students or families within a specific state? With list purchase, we can narrow the email results to include the most valuable leads.
Budget Friendly
Purchasing an email list saves you up to 80% of what it costs on social media or Google search ads. When you include additional demographics, the savings increase too.
Quality Leads
When you purchase a list, you get peace of mind, knowing these are not random clicks from social ads, rather, qualified leads that have purchased homeschooling curriculum and resources.


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